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B u t t e r f l y  L i f e s t y l e  C o n c e p t s

The metamorphose of the caterpillar into an elegant butterfly always fascinated man. It symbolizes rebirth immortality and Happiness

BLC Interiors is a unique total concept. We create a world to live in, work in and relax in. We design our concept in which details are always in sync with one and another, recognizable through the use of pure materials and earthy colors that provide serenity and rhythm. Interior design and styling for private people, hotels/restaurants and businesses. We used to live in France and England and travelled a lot so we represent the flavors of those experiences in our designs. You will find the dynamic lifestyle of different cities, the romance of the French Provence, and the authenticity of small villages etc. We design for people who welcome influences from around the world and who enjoy life with and awareness of the world around them.
Because we do not have stock or big showroom collections we will always advise you objectively..